The Gas Station Story

During my ski bum period in the Swiss Alpes in 2001 and 2002 my father, the gas station builder, came across a tiny little gas stations squeezed in between a grocery store and an apartment building. Interesting, he thought, since the strict regulations in Sweden would prohibit such placing. After this event, I decided to document all gas stations that I would come across during my travels all over the world.

My father, the gas station builder – back in the 70’s

These are my gas station storys.    

This is neither a real time blog, nor fiction. The storys are my own, experienced by myself and I have taken all the photographs. Some of them were taken by my fellow friend Nikon D3000. Most of them were taken by mobile phone, by first class digital camera and even by manual camera. The photos were taken on the run, from the inside of a car and sometimes in areas were it is not appropriate and rather weird to take photos of gas stations. I therefore sincerely appologize for the photo quality. This is not a blog about taking great photos. This is a blog about gas stations stories.

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