This happened in 2008


Gas station in Colorado

Please pay for gas at market

This happened in 2008. I cannot be clear enough about this; but this blog is currently not a realtime blog, but an historical oddyssey through my archive with millions of gas stations. I know, it is not mainly what blogs are used to be, and there will be, eventually, more real time stories. But as for now, this is a past time medium.

Back to the story. These photos are just some other photos taken from the inside of a car. I was on a business trip to Denver Colorado and this turqouise, lovely gas station flashed by. In my opinion, it is an epic one and the photos have to speak for them selves. Period.  

Gas station in Colorado

Gas station in Colorado. Turqouise is the new black.

Oh, by the way. These photos were taken in 2008. Did I tell you that?
Gas station in Colorado

Gas station in Colorado with unknown brand